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CapM is delighted to be part of the Royal Holloway Apprentice 2013 challenge, a business competition modelled on the BBC’s hit series The Apprentice. Participating students from undergraduate and master’s levels will compete for an internship at CapM.
A member of our expert team will take on the role of Lord Sugar, putting budding entrepreneurs through their paces with three challenges that will test their abilities in finance and show off their skills in promotion, sales, presenting projects, negotiation, teamwork and leadership.

Participating students will be able to take on the role of entrepreneur without the real life risk of a business environment.
The successful contestant can look forward to working with CapM experts on a variety of strategic business development projects that involve capture planning, project identification, proposal development and management, business winning process, strategy development, SME growth, support and mentoring and how to access EU funding and grants.

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